Tuesday, 22 May 2018

"Behaviour at St. Patrick's"

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  Behaviour Scouts 2016-2017



Autumn Term

Introduce behaviour scouts to their roles

Initial meeting with behaviour scouts. Explain their responsibility as an ambassador for behaviour in school.

Review the Golden Rules and share examples for each one

Behaviour scout badges given out

To establish pupil views/adult about behaviour

(dinner hall)

To monitor behaviour in the dinner hall

Recognise and good behaviour in the dinner hall

Over the course of a week, the children carry out observations in the dinner hall. Ask the children to observe the following:

-Entering and leaving the hall

-Lining up to get dinner at the hatch

-Dining at the tables


Older children to carry out ‘informal’ interviews with children and lunchtime staff about their attitudes towards behaviour during

Summary of main findings recorded in meeting

Scouts feedback the findings to their class

Scouts take ideas from their class about ways in which behaviour during lunchtimes could be improved

Scouts take ideas from their class about ways in which model behaviour can be rewarded at lunchtimes

Child initiated feedback to Miss Wilkinson about their findings about behaviour in the dinner hall at lunchtimes

What were pupil attitudes? What were adults’ attitudes?

Use the summary of findings from last week to create some actions to improve/reward good behaviour at lunchtimes.

Spring Term

To carry out lesson observations

Recognise and reward good behaviour in the classroom

Children to carry out ‘behaviour lesson observations’ in class

Scouts to carry out observations at different times of the day

Summarise their main findings in the next meeting. What are pupil attitudes to learning? What types of disruptions did you observe? Etc.

Children to send postcards home to parents to award good behaviour, from the behaviour scouts

Summer Term

To carry out a whole school behaviour survey  (to feed into next year’s development plan)

Meeting to create behaviour survey questions

Inform children of the drop in session in assembly

Inform lunchtime staff that children will be collected from the yard by the behaviour scouts

Behaviour Scouts carrying out surveys

Collate findings – feedback to children in assembly

Feedback to staff in development plan INSET

Address any issues in the development plan 2017-2018