Sunday, 24 June 2018

"Welcome From our Governors"

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Our Governors come from many different background but we all have one thing in common: we are passionate about St Patrick's Catholic Primary School and dedicated to ensuring that our pupils have the best education possible. We all bring different skills and experiences but we work well together in the best interests of the school. The normal term of office for governors is four years, although sometimes governors are reappointed for further terms if they wish.

Parent Governors:

Parent governors are elected by other parents of pupils registered at the school. They should be parents of pupils currently at the school but they may serve out their term of office if there child leaves. Parents who are also members of staff are not eligible to be parent governors.

Local Authority Governors:

Authority governors are appointed byt the LA which maintains the school, in our case Cumbria. Sometimes potential LA governors approach Cumbria and ask to be allocated to a particular governing body, but in practice, such governors are usually recommended by oursleves and approved by the LA.

Foundation Governors:

Foundation Governors are appointed by the diocese to represent Catholic interests. They can be people who live or work in the local community or anyone else who is committed to the success of our school.

Staff Governors:

The Head Teacher of a school automatically becomes a governor at the time of appointment unless they inform the Governing Body that they do not want to be a member. Our head teacher is a governor and this ensures a really productive working relationship. Other staff members are elcted by and from the whole teaching and non-teaching staff. Staff governors may not continue to be governors if they cease to be employed by us.

In additon staff members can be co-opted on to the governing body.