Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Catholic Life of the School

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 collective worship

Prayer and Liturgy


We participate in daily acts of Worship. 


Within class, we have Prayer and Liturgy that is led by both teacher and children. 


Sometimes we have participate in Prayer and Liturgy with our link class, or as a year group. 





Below are the 'child - led' Prayer and Liturgy planning frames:


Reception/ KS1 Planning Frame


KS2 Planning Frame



Prayer and LiturgyTheme Box


Each class has made a box full of resources that can be used in Worship. The resources were chosen by both teachers and children, and the themes of the child - led Prayer and Liturgy were agreed between them too. 




 Here are some children delivering liturgy in their classrooms


IMG 0007    028


IMG 0010    Picture4