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The Catholic Life of the School

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 Enrichment 2014/15

 Each half - term, we are going to have a focus on an area that will enhance and enrich Religious Education in our school. We will have a guest speaker, who will help us to learn more about this focus area, as well as using a wide range of resources/ outdoors/ visiting places The focuses for this year are outlined below:


 Autumn 1 - CAFOD

Autumn 2 - Judaism

Spring 1 - Our Community

Spring 2 - Helping Others

Summer 1 - Bible stories - Religion through Art 




Autumn 1: CAFOD


This half - term, we are going to be finding out all about CAFOD. We are looking forward to having a visit from a CAFOD leader, and will be using the website to support our learning. 
On Friday, October 3rd, we will be joing in the CAFOD 'Big Silly Share'. Here we will participate in fundraising activities. We will post our work/ photo's to the page throughout this half term.  To find out more about this event, look at the information below. 
Here we are presenting Rosa Trefla, a CAFOD leader, the money we raised in our 'Silly Share' day:
Autumn 2: JUDAISM
In November, we spent a week finding out all about Judaism. We explored similarities and differences between Christianity and Judaism and studied reasons for these. We found out about festivals the Jewish people have and looked at some of the objects they use in their faith. 
Here are some pictures of us during our focus week:
This term, our focus has been on our local community. We have linked this to the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy and have been thinking about how we can help in our commnity. We have invited two speakers, who have worked in the community, to tell us all about their experiences, and to explain why they wanted to help people in our community. 
Mrs Cadwell
Mrs Cadwell came to speak to our KS2 children about how she worked in the community as a nurse. She explained why she chose to be a nurse and how she has helped many people in the local area. She then explained that now she has retired, she is involved in fundraising for a charity called 'Mary's Meals'. We asked her LOTS of questions about her role and how we could be involved. 
Mr Cadwell
Mr. Cadwell worked in the prison service. We were very interested in his role, and how he helped all those people who are in prison. Again we have many questions for Mr Cadwell about how and why he wanted to help those people who needed it. 
Our Local Priests
Father Paul and a visiting priest, Father Stephen have recently worked with Year 6. They talked to us about their roles in the community and what they have to do in their vocation. The Year 6 children were keen to ask many questions and found out how committed a priest has to be to serve the people in the community and God.  
This term, as part of the season of Lent, we have been thinking about how we can help those around us. As part of this focus, we decided to take part in the St. Patrick's School 'Kind and Caring Challenge'. We had to complete 20 kind and caring acts in Lent, and were sponsored for doing them. We raised a massive £2000!!!!! Some of this money, along with food collected, will be donated to the local food bank charity. Please see the Lent 2015 page for further information about this challenge. 
For our Art's week focus, we looked at stories from the Bible, as well as stories from other religions - including Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism. We spent time studying the stories and expressing our response through art. We also studied art with a religious meaning. All children were able to experience a diverse and enriching week and learnt lots about our own religion, as well as other religions we aren't as familiar with. Please see the Art's week section for photos.