Monday, 25 September 2017

School ICT

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Internet Safety Day 2017




Children have taken time to think about how to use

the internet safely and positively.  As a school, we

understand children use the internet and have

certain social media sites to communicate with

friends and play games.  


During this Internet Safety Day 2017, children have

worked together to discuss how to react to certain

behaviours online and how to set a positive

example to others when using social sites.  



Internet Safety



As you are aware, the internet and social media has changed

our lives and the lives of our children.


At St.Patrick's Catholic Primary School, we believe that

safeguarding children is the most important part of our school



We want to educate young people about how to use the

internet safely and appropriately.


On this page, parents and children can use the following links

to websites for advice and resources for keeping safe online.   


Advice and tips for parents and carers:


For privacy settings on your accounts

(facebook/intstagram/youtube and more)


Helpline - cyberbullying and general digital safety;


For children age 3- 11 Primary safety zone

(websites, activities and resources)   - Select your age range.