Wednesday, 23 May 2018


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At St Patrick's we use daily spelling strategies to improve and develop our spelling.

Children focus on one spelling pattern or sound for the week and complete various activities to embed their understanding of this. In order to learn words which children find difficult, there are a number of stategies children can try. Click on the link below to see some of these. 


 Ways to Learn Challenging Spellings


When practising spellings for homework try using some of these strategies and/or:

  • Try writing the words in a pattern or shape
  • Make your own flashcards with pictures to match and play snap or to test yourself with
  • Do look, cover, write, check
  • Get an adult to test you on them in the car on the way to swimming or football practise 


Click on the links below to see the word lists for each year group.


Year 1: First 100 High Frequency Words

Year 2: Next 200 High Frequency Words

Year 3 and 4 Word List

Year 5 and 6 Word List


 Click here for more details on the spelling requirements of the National Curriculum.