Saturday, 26 May 2018

Year 6

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This term, we will be focussing on the Year 6 spellings in preparation for the SATs in May. We need to practise these as much as possible, as there will be a weekly test/ check in our daily work. 
The spellings are listed below - you will be told each week the ones we are focussing on. 
We are composing a 'Grammar Glossary' in class to support us in improving our grammar. We have begun with the basics - connectives, nouns and proper nouns, and will be adding to it in our daily SPAG lessons. Homework will fit in with what we have been learning in class. 
To improve our grammar further, we are making an effort to speak with correct grammar, e.g.
Instead of: 'I done my homework last night!'
we will say
'I did my homework last night!'
Making these simple corrections will improve our writing!! 
We are becoming :
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