Saturday, 26 May 2018

Year 6

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To improve our literacy, at home we need to read, read, read!! Lots of us have been 'stealing' ideas/ vocabulary/ super sentence starters from our reading books to use in our writing...the more we read, the better we write. Remember, non - fiction is encouraged too - newspapers, magazines, information books.....are all reading!!!!!!!!!!!!
Responding to Reading
In class, we always respond to our books by working on different tasks. These can range from writing an alternative ending, looking at why the writer chose to use specific language in a particular part of the book, to comparing characters and how they behave in a book.  If we do this at home, we will have a better understanding of the text we are reading and will be able to transport some of what we are learning into other areas e.g. creating our own fictional character or finding information to inform a persuasive letter we are writing.
When reading at home, the following questions will support understanding of the text:
Try and make a reading response activity for the book you are reading at home. You can then try and do it yourself, or bring it into to school for another child to use when they read your book.