Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year 3

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Here we post any great books we have read or are reading that we think others might want to read.

If you would like to put a book up on here, hand a book review to your teacher and we can put it here for you.





Title: Awful Auntie

Author: David Walliams


The central character is Stella Saxby, whose parents, Lord and Lady Saxby, have died in a terrible automobile accident. In the wake of the tragedy, Stella's Aunt Alberta launches a plot to trick Stella out of her inheritance. Also featured are Wagner (Aunt Alberta's enormous owl), Soot (a chimney sweep) and Gibbon (the Saxbys' elderly butler who offers much comic relief).

Alberta lives up to her moniker as being awful. She lacks all sympathy and morals, having chosen to fight on the German side in World War II simply because she preferred their uniforms. She has killed and tortured people and loves vicious owls. Stella rightfully fears her, and has to use all her wits to overcome the antagonism.

Why I like this book: ''I like this book but it is sad because Aunt Alberta is so EVIL to Stella but it is so hilarious it makes me laugh out loud on the carpet!''

Aiden Butterworth 







Title: Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures


Ancient pyramids can be flat-out dangerous!

Ever since Stanley was flattened by a bulletin board, there are places he can get to that no one else can. So when Stanley receives a letter from an archaeologist, he travels by airmail to Egypt to help find an ancient treasure deep in the heart of a great pyramid. But what if even the flattest boy on earth can't wriggle out of this dark tomb—and the terrible mess he finds himself in?

Why I like this book: ''I love adventure boks and because this book was about Egypt we learned a lot more about our topic.''

Ellie Corlett