Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year 2

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In Year Two we know how important it is to read each day. We have different books that we read while we   are in school or at home.

Everyday we bring our 'Home Reader' into school, this is a book that the teacher choses for us. We also have a 'Pleasure Reader' whch can be a difficult book, an easy book or one that's just right

We also like to read in a group during 'Guided Reading'. Each week we all do a guiding reading session and look in lots of detail at a variety of books. We read out loud, ask questions, answer questions and do a special follow-up activity in our writing books. 

These Reading Strategies help us if we are struggling to read a word. 

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 To help your child develop fluency when reading and develop their comprehension it is important to listen to them read at home. We have registered on the website so children can access a range online books along with lots of different activities to develop their reading, spelling and maths skills.

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