Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Year 2

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This Years Topics

Autumn Term

Britain Long Ago 

Children wll learn about significant events that happened in Britain long ago.

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Children will discover where the celebration of bonfire night comes from; they will be able to sequence the events of the gunpowder plot and link to their own experiences in the world today.


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Children will explore what life was like in the past using sources of evidence and why the plague spread.

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Children will learn about the major events of the Great Fire of London, why the fire started, Samuel Pepy's and his diary and how things changed in London after the fire.

 Spring Term Topic is:


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 Children will learn about:-

  • The worlds 7 continents and 5 oceans and map them on a world map.
  • They will discover all about the continent of Africa.
  • Children will compare a city in Africa and the UK, where they will look at the climate, cultures, animals etc.
  • Children will design and create different African artwork and scultptures using their art skills.


Summer Topic