Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Year 1

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Reading and phonics 
Reading is very important in Year One. Please make sure your child reads regularly at home to an adult. Your child will be heard read each day, either in a guided reading group or independently.  In the classroom there are 2 baskets for reading books; a basket for books that need changed, and a basket for books to be kept. Please make sure your child brings their books to school daily.
We are starting the Autumn term by re-capping phase 3 phonics, and learning some new sounds. We will send copies of these sounds home for you to practise with your child.
phase 3
Phase 4 phonics begins to look at blends and focuses on a lot of independent reading of questions and statements.phase 4 phonics sound mat2
 Phase 5 phonics. This phase focusses on alternative sounds and continues to build on skills from previous phases.Children will begin to learn little rhymes and rules to help them learn these sounds.
 Children will continue to learn the first 200 high frequency words, and will learn new tricky words each week. High frequency words will still be sent home for spelling practise each Friday. Children will continue to practise writing these words into sentences, making sure they are spelled correctly.