Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Year 1

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Black History Month
This month we have focused on Black history. We have learned about Henry 'Box' Brown, sang and performed  songs written by Bob Marley and created our own freedom quilts with hidden codes and messages.  Here are some pictures from the last month.
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We have  also been working very hard in phonics- here we are writing sentences. Our class target is still cursive handwriting, and we are improving!
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WB 2.10.17
In PE this week, we have been exploring how to travel in different ways around the hall and use the apparatus. 
gym 1 2 Copype
In computing, we have been practicing our keyboard skills, we can now log on and off and are more independent when finding our way around the home screen.
On Tuesday we had a brilliant day out on our school trip to Carlisle castle. Please have a look at our pictures.
 half moom Copy
We had lots of fun using imaginary bow and arrows to shoot at the other group! Here we are on the half moon battery.
We imagined what it would have been like with lots of canons going off, and how the soldiers would feel.webpage casrle
We have written some recounts about our trip, we are working hard on trying to sit our letters on the line and use cursive handwriting!2017 2
  Here we are warming our hands up in finger gym for handwriting practice.
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 Our RE focus this half term is families. Thank you to everyone that has sent in a family photograph for the class display.
WB   18.9.17 and 25.9.17
What a busy couple of weeks we have had!  This week we have sent letters home about our School trip to Carlisle castle, please can you make sure these are returned to school as soon as possible. Thank you.
In science, we have been looking at our body. We have labelled our body and talked about what similarites and differences we have to animals. 
In topic, we have been learning about a motte and Bailey castle. We have learnt new words such as palisade, motte, bailey and moat. 
We have been focusing on more than and less than in maths.
We have enjoyed used the numicon and lollisticks to solve problems.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy;
 2017 2
All children have really settled into year One, and have had a brilliant first week!
All children should have received a year 1 newsletter, detailing what happens in Year One. If you have not got one, please call in ! 
WB 4.9.17 and 11.9.17
 In literacy we have been looking at letter formation, making sure letters start on the line. We have started to read a fiction book.
'We have been reading Billy's Bucket. This is a story about a very special bucket.
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When reading Billy's bucket, we visited 'Buckets r us,' as part of our drama activity.
What was inside your bucket?
In maths, we have been looking at forming our numbers correctly by making sure we start writing from the top. We have used numicon to order numbers and have looked at why a number is greater and less than another number.
We have had a very exciting week learning about our new topic ' Britain long ago.' We have been learning and finding out about the battle of Hastings. We even made our own shields and re-enacted the battle. After a long day of fighting, King Harold lost his life. Here are some pictures of our ' King Harold, Duke William and their men.' Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and outdoorImage may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, child and outdoorImage may contain: 5 people, people smiling, outdoor
We have had a big focus on staying safe online in computing. Children have designed their own posters letting others know about some of the dangers online
Image result for internet safety poster kids