Sunday, 24 June 2018

Year 1

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 5.3.18 and 12.3.18
Here are some photos to show you what we have been learning over the past couple of weeks,We have been very busy with science week and our Moky day! We have had lots of fun with our learning as you can see:
image1 4image2 4
image3 6image4 6
image6 6image7 6
Welcome back after the holidays!
WB 26.2.18
Here are some photos to show you what we have been doing in school this week. In maths, we have been learning how to use the bar model to solve addition and subtraction problems. We are getting really good at using this now, especially when we need to find missing numbers.
We have enjoyed 'fartrade day ' in school, and we have all learnt and can talk about what fairtrade is.Here we are learning the process of how cotton is made.
In computing, we have been learning how to create pictograms and collect data. We have successfully created our own pictograms using purple mash.
We have started football and cricket in PE this week, we have been having lots of fun! We have also been learning how to draw penguins, these are on display in the classrooms. We are going to start writing non-fiction texts on penguins.
WB 29.1.18
Here are some photos to show you what we have been learning this week. Can you guess which continent and famous explorer we have been learning about?!
 penguins 1
penguins 2
WB 22.1.18
Another busy week in Year 1! here are some pictures from the week.
We have enjoyed creating winter dances in P.E , can you see what winter words we are from our movements?
pe winter 1pe 3
Mrs Bell's phonics group have been busy learning alternative sounds and spelling patterns. Here are some pictures of us sorting 'o' and 'i' words.
In our explorers topic we have been learning all about James Cook and what he discovered. Here we are sharing praise and wishes with each other on our tribal masks from tahiti.
WB 15.1.18
This week we have been creating our own stories based on Traction Man. We have had lots of fun thinking of story ideas and using props!
 lit 1lit 2
We have started our new topic 'Explorers.' We have all discussed places which we would like to explore. Here are some pictures we created on the computers showing these places.
In maths, we are looking at addition and suctraction using the part part whole model but looking at numbers to 20. We have used a variety of methods to do this.
We have had a very fun music lesson this week, learing all about the different styles of music that there is and identifing different percussion instruments.
music 1music 2 2
music 3
WB 4.1.2018
 What a busy start back to the New Year!
In literacy we are reading Traction Man. We are looking at how to write stories in the present tense and have had lots of fun trying to re-enact the story. 
traction man
In Computing, we have been learning how to program a bee-bot. We have had lots of fun creating a course for the bee-bot to travel round. We have learnt the word ' algorithm.'Here are some pictures from our lesson-
beebot 2bee bot 1beebot 3