Saturday, 23 September 2017

Early Years

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Weekly News


This week we have been learning about our class learning superheroes and how we can be more like them. We have Wise Owl, Team Ant, Tough Tortoise and Sensible Squirell. We have talked about each of the learning superheroes  'powers' and how the children can use these powers to help their learning. Well done to those children who have took the Learning Superheoes home this weekend. 

We had cereal for snack this week, the children are becoming more independent at serving their own snack. They get their bowl, twist the cereal dispenser twice, pour the milk into the measuring jug and then sit down and enjoy snack. The children then wash and dry their dishes. Well done. 


We have been using our imaginations alot this week too in the deconstructed role play area. The children made a pirate ship on Wednesday and made eye patches in the workshop. 



Some other pictures..