Saturday, 26 May 2018

Early Years

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 Finger Gym


Finger Gym helps build up your child's finger strength, which will help with their writing. We listen to music and try different fine motor activities everyday.


We have also added a Funky Finger worktop for children to try our weekly challenge!



Have a look at the pictures below of us working hard and some ideas which you could try at home.

1. Cutting along the lines

2. Making towers



3. Using tweezers to put the counters in the egg boxes

4. Whisking to make bubbles


5. Peg and boards

6. Sorting coloured pasta


7. Pushing golf tees in to pumpkins and attaching elastic bands around. 


8. Threading 

9. Sorting the spooking items


10. Tweezing pumpkin seeds

11. Pushing conkers down tubes


12. Cutting pictures

13. Adding pegs for spiders legs


14. Colouring

15. Balancing conkers on golf tees


16. Finger gym box


17. Numicon boards and elastic bands


18. Stacking stones

19. Threading 


20. Pippettes and water

21. Threading penne pasta

22.Sorting items

23. Sorting the beans and seeds

24. Peg and Boards


25. Handwriting- formation of letters


26. Numicon boards and loom bands

27. Placing buttons in the spirlas


Chinese themed...

28. Tweezing pom-poms

29. Tweezing wool noodles

30. Cotton wool and chop sticks


31.Colouring and cutting a chinese dragon



Valentine's Day themed finger gym...

32. Matching hearts to the number

33. Making a Valentine's card

34. Hearts and hole punchers


35. Hearts and stickers