Thursday, 23 November 2017

Early Years

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 Finger Gym


Finger Gym helps build up your child's finger strength, which will help with their writing. We listen to music and try different fine motor activities everyday.


We have also added a Funky Finger worktop for children to try our weekly challenge!



Have a look at the pictures below of us working hard and some ideas which you could try at home.

1. Use tweezers to place compare bears in hole.

2. Wrap a stick with wool.

3. Threading beads.


4. Cutting

5. Using tweezrs to sort by colour/ size/ object.


6. Play dough

7. Peg Boards


 8. Stacking stones

9.Making playdough

10. Finding hidden items in jelly

11. Whisking soap in the water tray


12. Threading pipe cleaners through colanders.

13. Threading pasta on to pipe cleaners.

14. Using thumb and index finger to place beads into the holes of numicon.

fingergym1         fingergym2


15. Tweezing seeds out of pumpkins.

16.Threading- making spiders webs.

17. Balancing eyes on golf tees.

18. Pushing golf tees into pupmkins and stretching elastic bands over.

pumpkin1 rb5

rb9  rb10


Valentine's inspired Finger Gym...